Ultimate Guitar Lesson

Ultimate Guitar Lesson


MusicTheory.Net This is probably my favorite musical instruction site. Ricci Adam's MusicTheory.Net. Especially, I HIGHLY recommend spending a lot of time at the Trainers> Interval Ear Trainer, Scale Ear Trainer and Chord Ear Trainer. Presented almost like a game, the Flash based application fires notes at you. As you make your guess the program keeps score. Note that you have a lot of control over the skill level. If you're new to ear training you might want to only concentrate on getting good at determining the difference between minor and major thirds (in the interval trainer) or triads (in the chord trainer). You simply have to click on the intervals/chords you DON'T want to be part of the trainer to remove them from that session. Ricci has made the entire application downloadable. There's a ton of excellent information on this site. While not specific to learning the guitar, if you're intent is to understand music, MusicTheory.Net can take you a long ways towards that goal.


Teoria.ComAnother somewhat similar site is José Rodríguez Alvira's Teoria.com. Again, a wealth of free information for anyone interested in gaining an understanding of music. While I personally prefer the layout of MusicTheory.Net, it's great to be able to explore similar material through a variety of lessons. Also, José has a couple of features not found on Ricci's site. Especially I would recommend the Rhythmic Dictation trainers.

Chordbook.ComA fun site for learning how to play guitar chords is chordbook.com. Not only do you see the chord shape but hit the Strum' button and hear what the chord sounds like.


gosk.comThe Guitarist's Online Survival Kit offers a simple site with fretboard diagrams of your basic scales, chords and arpegios.


Noteflight.comNoteflight.com Have you seen this? Noteflight is a full-featured online music notation engine complete with audio playback! You can share with a collabortor, the community, and store your compositions online for free! It's only a little bit complicated so watch their tutorial.